Vector Optics: Best Selling Chinese Riflescopes 2023

There are scopes for all tastes. First or second focal plane, larger or smaller tube diameter, more expensive or cheaper. These are the top 5 selling Vector Optics scopes this year:

# Photo Product Price
1Vector Optics Grimlock 1-6x24Grimlock 1-6×24
2Vector Optics Sentinel 10-40x50Sentinel 10-40×50
3Vector Optics Arbiter 1-4x24Arbiter 1-4×24
4Vector Optics Marksman 6-24x50 FFPMarksman 6-24×50 FFP
5Vector Optics Taurus 5-30x56 FFPTaurus 5-30×56 FFP

The Chinese can do anything. They are manufacturers of a large percentage of the gadgets we use today and telescopic sights are no exception.

Many well-known European and even North American brands manufactured or are manufacturing their products in China. With which the myth that everything made in China is of poor quality is completely false.

Although there are many brands whose manufacturers are located in China, there are not many recognized brands of Chinese scopes, except the one that we are going to introduce you today.

Vector Optics is the most recognized Chinese brand of scopes in the world. The brand has been in the optical market for 15 years and has official representatives around the world.

You may wonder, what is the reason for the success of this brand? In my humble opinion, it is due to the following:

They manufacture very good quality scopes at a much lower price than the competition and providing an adequate warranty service.

It is quite simple, if 2 products have a similar quality and one is quite cheaper than the other, why not choose the cheapest one? Under this philosophy Vector Optics has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, eating up big names in the optical industry.

Vector Optics Scope Lines

VO has a wide variety of lines for all tastes and disciplines. Between them we highlight :

Vector Optics Red Dots

We also have several alternatives in red dot sights for long and short weapons.

Best Vector Optics Riflescopes

Vector Optics’ most exclusive sights correspond to its Continental line which has a lifetime guarantee for all its products.

Within Continental, the top models are First Focal Plane scopes (FFP) with massive 34 mm in diameter tubes. Ideal for long range shooting.

ImageVector Optics Continental 1-6x28 FFPVector Optics Continental 3-18x50 FFPVector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFPVector Optics Continental 5-30x56 FFP
Model 1-6×28 3-18×50 4-24×56 5-30×56
Line Continental Continental Continental Continental
Focal plane FFP FFP FFP FFP
Tube 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm 34 mm
Illumination 6 levels red 6 levels red 6 levels red 6 levels red
Clicks value 1/10 MIL1/10 MIL1/10 MIL1/10 MIL
Elevation 52 MIL44 MIL34 MIL26 MIL
Windage 20 MIL16 MIL16 MIL16 MIL
Weight 550 grams 820 grams 780 grams 810 grams
Length 296 mm 338 mm 362 mm 392 mm
ImageVector Optics Continental 1-6x28 FFP
Model 1-6×28
Line Continental
Focal plane FFP
Tube 34 mm
illumination 6 levels red
Clicks value 1/10 MIL
Elevation 52 MIL
Windage 20 MIL
Weight 550 grams
Length 296 mm
ImageVector Optics Continental 3-18x50 FFP
Model 3-18×50
Line Continental
Focal plane FFP
Tube 34 mm
illumination 6 levels red
Clicks value 1/10 MIL
Elevation 44 MIL
Windage 16 MIL
Weight 820 grams
Length 338 mm
ImageVector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Model 4-24×56
Line Continental
Focal plane FFP
Tube 34 mm
illumination 6 levels red
Clicks value 1/10 MIL
Elevation 34 MIL
Windage 16 MIL
Weight 780 grams
Length 362 mm
ImageVector Optics Continental 5-30x56 FFP
Model 5-30×56
Line Continental
Focal plane FFP
Tube 34 mm
illumination 6 levels red
Clicks value 1/10 MIL
Elevation 26 MIL
Windage 16 MIL
Weight 810 grams
Length 392 mm

Opinions about Vector Optics Riflescopes

The easiest way to analyze reviews about Vector Optics Scopes is in the platform where they are most commercialized. We are clearly talking about Aliexpress , the largest retail e-commerce platform for Chinese products in the world.

Extracting a bit of the information that we can observe there, we begin to see some good signs:

  • Vector Optics Official Store on Aliexpress has 10 years old .
  • It is “top brand” within the platform . It is above average on the platform.
  • The satisfaction level rate that Vector Optics has accumulated in the last 6 months it is: 97.7% .

Then we do a service level analysis of the brand and we find:

The product is what is advertised :

4.8 / 5.0 (3917 votes) – 2.61% above other sellers.

Quality in communication with the customer :

4.8 / 5.0 (3917 votes) – 3.03% above other sellers.

Shipping speed :

4.7 / 5.0 (3917 votes) – 2.60% above other sellers.

So far so good, but What do users think of the product? Do they recommend it or not?

Apart from the opinion of this blog (which is very favorable) we have analyzed different places and different shooters and the opinions are usually the same: “ It is a very good deal.

If we do some research on YouTube, we will realize that in the United States, Spain, Chile and other countries, this brand is highly accepted by the shooting community.

Opinion and Unboxing Vector Optics in Spain

Here is a Spanish YouTube channel (Trojan Airguns) that gives us his opinion regarding Vector Optics:

In short, the Vector Optics are quality Chinese scopes, an excellent option for all those who want to get a very good scope for the price, and who do not care so much about the brand of the scope itself but about the quality of the product.

Good shots!

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